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When it comes time to finish your project you need to know that for wood treatments it is either stain, paints or finish. They are each providing a different outcome. To tint the wood you would use wood stains. Paints sit on the wood and protect it. Some finishes are pretty much paint without any color added to it. They are the ones that give that clear protection.

Probably one of the most well known finishes is varnish. It's a great finish because the more layers you use the stronger the finish. The major problem with varnish is it dries slowly which increases the chance for dust to get into the finish. If possible, try to do your finishing work in an area where there is the least amount of dust.

A mixture of resins and synthetics boiled together is what makes varnish. If you are using polyurethane's then you are simply using a varnish that has had a polyurethane resin added to it. When you are using a varnish that contains a higher quantity of oil, it makes the product more flexible and this is known as Spar varnish, which makes it perfect for outdoor use because of it flexing properties.

If you are going to use varnish as your finishing product then you need to know how to apply it properly. Working in a dust free room is a priority. Then using a tack cloth wipe down your project as it must be perfectly clean. Put some of your varnish into a container that you can work out of. That way if it becomes contaminated with dust you can just discard that amount. Apply the varnish using long steady strokes with a brush working in the grain direction. Tip off your brush strokes. Wed sand in between coats with fine sandpaper.



The Complete Guide To Wood FinishingWood Finishing For Beginners Ebook

If you have any wood furniture, it is a great idea to be familiar with the art of finishing. There are three basic finish steps to apply to all finishes, from the most basic wax or oil finish to contemporary coatings and even painting the exterior of a house or a room wall. Paint, lacquer, varnish, oil, or even a wax finish can be used on wood.

The Base sealer or primer coat provides the foundation of the finish. The Build coats provide the structure or framework of the finish itself, much as the framing of a house.

The Top coat gives the finish its final character, whether matte or sheen is used. Remember that unlike metal or plastic surfaces, wood presents a substrate that varies in density, porosity, and stability. 

In The Complete Guide To Wood Finishing you will learn how to get beautiful, professional results no matter what your project is, even if you have never tried your hand at wood finishing before.
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Learn About Varnish Defects and Their Causes

You Will Master Wax Finishes and Oil-Rubbed Finishes

Know About Interior Trim Woods

Learn About Brush Graining

Also Learn About Decorative Wood Finishes By Glazing and Highlighting

Get Guidelines ON Repairing Damaged Finishes


When doing wood finishing one of the first things to do is to prepare the surface of the substrate in character with the desired finish result.

If an extra smooth surface is specified, then sanding, grain filling, and defect filling of some sort will probably be necessary. On softer woods and on face grain this sealer coat may require two applications to provide an even base for the build coats.

With this guide you will have all the information and guidelines on proper wood finishing so you be sure that you do a professional finishing job all the time.


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Build or body coats are the part of a finish that provide moisture resistance, durability and longevity to the coating. Depth in clear or translucent finishes and richness of colored coatings depend on these build coats.

For clear coatings, where the structure, grain and tone of the wood are visible, use only gloss for build coats. Goss body or build coats maintain clarity and eliminate the foggy, dull or milky look associated when semi-gloss.

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