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Drawing is an important category of visual painting and involves the use of many tools and techniques so as to sketch a 2-dimensional object or form.

These may be sensible or based upon the thoughts of abstract or artist. There are number of renowned drawing artists who have made really stunning paintings that have turned into everlasting masterpiece with time.

Different features of drawing

Drawing is slightly dissimilar to painting as drawing involves the minimal usage of paints and colors.

It lays emphasis on some defined lines over the surface. It includes the usage of several products that may be water based or dry like ink, pen or marker, charcoal and graphite.

Watercolor pencils can also be applied first like an ordinary pencil and moistening with brushes (wet) to have some stunning effects. The drawing is primarily done on white paper.

However, it can vary in quality, size, acidity, texture, color and capability to soak up water.

A drawing artist makes use of different mediums and processes so as to incorporate an additional beauty to simple looking drawings.



How To Become A Pro Pencil Artist

How To Become A Pro Pencil Artist EbookIf you have the burning desire to become an ace pencil drawing artists then you are lucky to be reading this. Not every budding artist gets the support from the experts in pencil drawing art.
If you have been held down for some or the other reason from realizing your dream to become a pencil drawing artists then here's your chance to break free of the restrains and give life to your talent.

With this ebook, learn the basics from the experts and you can never go wrong. Yes! The e-book gives you the opportunity to learn the basics of pencil drawing from the masters of the art.

Many people feel unlucky to not have a guide to teach the fundamentals of the art. Keeping their requirements in mind, I have included every minute detail about the art and woven them into the e-book


With This Guide You'll Quickly Discover Things Like:

 Advantages and Disadvantages of Pencil Drawing

 Brief history of pencil drawing - Famous artists and their works

 Tips on choosing the right kind and quality of materials and tools

 Detailed basics of pencil drawing

 Perspectives in pencil drawing

 Finishing touches in pencil drawing

 Mixed media applications (How to be creative with color pencils)

 Using pencils in oil painting


So will this ebook help you be a pro pencil artist? You must be apprehensive about an e-book's claim to teach you the qualities of a good pencil drawing artist. This is natural, and I have been asked this over and over again by people. Here is my reply…

When you have a will, all you need is a good tutor. The e-book is created in such a way that you being under the guidance of a REAL MASTER. Each chapter of the e-book brings to you easy and simple steps to understand the fundamentals of pencil drawing and the qualities required in a good artist.

The e-book contains every aspect of a good artist discussed in detail. It includes all that and lots more that you ever wanted to know.


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How To Become A Pro Pencil Artist

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