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The earliest records about ice hockey appeared on the publications of Holland in the 24.95th century describing that the gentlemen slide on the frozen river surface with a round wearing ice shoes tied by the blade made of bones. In the early times of 19th century, there were some records about similar games by Micmac Indians who used the sticks and wood round.

There is another statement that ice hockey dates from the ancient American sports-lacrosse. However, the most well-known and acceptable is that ice hockey evolves from the field hockey which dates from North America with the history of more than 500 years and was introduced by the English soldiers stationing in Canada. In 1855, there was a popular game in Kingston of Canada that the participants chased each other to strike the ball made of wood pieces on the frozen river surface with hockey stick in hands and wearing shoes bond with ice skates. In the game, two wooden poles are used as the goal, and the ball should be kicked into the goal with no restrictions on the number of people. This is the predecessor of modern ice hockey.

On December 25th in 1855, it was the first ice hockey contest set up in Kingston of Canada while in 1858 this sport was introduced to Europe. Balls of rotary type began to be used in Canada in 1860. The first formal ice hockey contest was hold up between two teams of McGill University in Victoria ice stadium of Montreal on March 3rd in 1875. At that time, there were 30 team members. In 1879, W.F.Robertson, a student from McGill University and Professor R.F.Smith made the rules together that 9 members for each team.

In Canada, ice hockey quickly became the most popular sport. The first amateur ice hockey association was established in 1885 which everybody interested in ice hockey can participate in. However, it was unreasonable to impose money on the amateurs. Up to this period, the athletes began to use more protective equipments to keep safe such as leg guard and mask were used by the goal keepers.

Later, the sport was spread to the United States and the Europe. It was the first performance of Canadian team in America in the year 1893.The first ice hockey club of Europe was established in Switzerland in 1902. Ligue Internationale de Hockey sur Glace was built up in Paris while now changed as the International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF) and the headquarters in Zurich. The first European Ice Hockey Championship was hold in 1910 and England won the champion. After seven years, National Hockey League (NHL) was established and only six teams took part in contests until 1967 which has become a very successful professional and commercialized league in the world.


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Ice Hockey GuideIce Hockey For Beginners Ebook

The game of ice hockey is a very popular sport and is now becoming more popular in the UK, whatever your gender, no problem, in fact more and more females are taking to the ice like 'ducks to water'. Thinking about starting to play ice hockey? Well good for you, it is a fast, accelerating game but beware it can get rough out there.

When starting, the most important thing is your equipment, you will need a lot, so let's look at a brief overview of what you will need to play the sport, and at the same time keep safe.

The most important item when taking your first step on the ice is of course your ice hockey skates, without good skates you will not achieve your potential and they need to be of good quality and comfortable.

If you are new to ice hockey make sure you know the difference between figure skates and ice hockey skates. Next on the agenda is an ice hockey stick, there are many to choose from and experts in the game will advise you of the best buy for your height and experience.

This ice hockey ebook is jam packed with information and guidelines to playing professional ice hockey. Its written for beginners and advanced hockey players.


With This Guide You'll Quickly Discover Things Like:

 Professional or Amateur – Which One Are You?

 Beyond the Game: Developing Sportsmanship

 Comparing Ice Hockey and Field Hockey

 Gear and Equipment Necessary for Ice Hockey

 History of Ice Hockey

 History of Ice Hockey as an Olympic Sport

 History of Sledge Hockey

 Ice Hockey: The Object of the Game

 Ice Hockey as a Sport

 Ice Hockey – Not a Sport for the Weak

 Ice Hockey Play Times and Overtime

 Issuance and Reasons for Ice Hockey Penalties

 Learn the Game Well Before You Compete

 Notable Ice Hockey Attendance Records

 World Championships in Ice Hockey

 Purpose of Officials in ice Hockey

 Rules of Sledge Hockey

 Tactics of Ice Hockey

 Rules of Ice Hockey

 The Competitive Angle of Ice Hockey

 The Importance of Safety Equipment

 The Presence of Ice Hockey in Popular Culture

 Using Ice Hockey to Stay in Shape

Women’s Ice Hockey and the Olympics

Ice Hockey International Competitions

Protection on the ice is vital, as you will know the game of ice hockey is fast, and if you are new to the sport you may not realize just how fast this game can be, with pucks traveling at over a 100 miles an hour you need all the protection you can get.

You will need a helmet and visor, face shield, a mouth guard, chest protector, elbow pads, hockey gloves, hockey pants, and shin guards, these pieces of equipment will keep you safe, and if you fall and are protected from injury you will be more willing get up, dust yourself down, and push yourself harder, in that way you will learn faster.


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The best practice is to include a hockey bag to keep all your gear in, having said that don't just leave your ice hockey equipment in the bag after play, it will be wet and smelly, so get into the habit of good gear maintenance from the beginning, you will need to get your gear out of the bag and dry it after every game.

The mindset you need to adopt is that ice hockey equipment is for your safety do not skip wearing any item, and more importantly make sure that your equipment fits you properly, good quality gear will keep you safe and in the game for a long time to come.


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P.S. When playing ice hockey unnecessary injuries can be prevented by using protective gear. You’ll eventually find the right mix of equipment, clothing and gear that will make you feel both comfortable and safe on the ice. This ebook will give you guidelines on the right gear for you.

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