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Why waste money on those store bought Halloween decorations? Surely you could make that stuff yourself, right? Do you or someone you know want a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon?  If so, pay close attention! And, if you really want to know about making Halloween decorations this book is definitely for YOU!

The only bad Halloween craft project is the Halloween craft project that takes too long.  You know the ones. The craft projects that have so many steps that you’ve lost the attention of your kids before step 2.  Give these easy Halloween craft ideas a try.  They’re short; they’re sweet; they’re fun and the end results are spooktacular.

Antenna Characters

These adorable characters look great at the top of your automobile antenna.  Hey, if your house is dressed up for Halloween, why shouldn’t your car?  With various Halloween-themed colors of flat fun foam (orange, black, white, green), draw a light outline of a pumpkin, ghost, spider or Frankenstein head, approximately 4-inches tall and 3-inches wide.  Cut out the shapes and with a single hole punch, punch two holes in each shape, one approximately one inch from the top of the shape and another hole approximately one inch from the bottom of the shape.

With glitter glue or permanent markers, decorate the shape with facial features, an outline or anything you’d like.  Allow to dry thoroughly.  Once dried, you can attach to your automobile antenna by placing the antenna through the bottom hole from the back of the shape to the front.  Then place the antenna through the top hole, front to back.  The Antenna Character should be secure and should withstand normal driving conditions.

Halloween Mosaics

Mosaic art using tiles is very popular nowadays.  Kids can duplicate this popular craft using construction paper instead of tiles or glass. 

Prior to gathering the children around the table, cut small squares of various colors of paper, orange, red, blue, yellow, white, black, green, etc.

On a piece of heavy stock, white paper, draw the outline of a pumpkin, Frankenstein or other Halloween character. 

With a small dab of all-purpose glue on the back of each square, kids can mosaic their way to a uniquely creative masterpiece that can be framed and hung on the wall for many Halloween seasons to come.

Pumpkin Painting

In less than one hour, you and your child can create the most adorable pumpkin craft ready to proudly display in your home.  Pumpkin Painting is the perfect activity for little goblins who aren’t old enough to handle the jack-o-lantern carving duties. 

With simple supplies like acrylic paints, markers, newspaper and sealer, kids can paint whimsical, silly faces on their pumpkins.  Or they can paint their favorite cartoon character, Halloween motif or harvest design.  Painted pumpkins do not rot near as quickly as carved pumpkins so it is much more economical to paint pumpkins rather than carving them and it’s also much safer and more hands-on for toddlers since there is no knife involved.


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Halloween can be a fun and wonderful holiday, full of creative Halloween costumes, exciting hours of trick-or-treating, and plenty of festive Halloween costume parties.


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