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There are many definitions to learn when taking up the game of golf. Stimping is one that may or may not be important because usually those who play in professional tournaments or those who play more often are concerned about it. Stimping refers to the speed of the golf course or how fast a golf ball will travel on the course after it lands. You need to know how the green is stimping when trying to improve your score or when learning more about gauging how hard to hit the ball.

A stimping meter is used to determine how fast your golf ball will travel on the green. This meter is simply a ramp that is set up on the green. Golf balls are rolled down the ramp and measured in eight different directions to determine the average number of feet the ball rolled before it stopped. Most golf courses have a stimping rating of 10 or 12, which means that the ball rolled 10 to 12 feet before stopping. When you are golfing, keep this number in mind so you can make sure you don't overshoot the green once the ball has landed.

Small golf courses may have a stimping rate that is lower than professional courses. This can be because their artificial grasses are not as good as those used on professional courses or because they are using real grasses instead of artificial turf. You may want to ask at the pro shop the stimping level and the types of grasses used in order to get a better idea of how to play.

Because weather and the time of year you want to golf differ, the stimping level may be different. If you play a bad game and are used to playing on a course that has a higher or lower stimping level, this may explain some of your issues. On the other hand, there may have been too much wind or wet grass to contend with that day.



Top Golf Courses And Resorts In The World

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It was inevitable that I've played golf courses that would be better used as cow fields and others that I could play for the rest of my life.  Some of the golf courses’ architecture is flattering on the handicap and others make you think hard, struggle some more and eventually abandon all thoughts of posting a decent medal card. 

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